Saturday, January 07, 2006

Useful OS X Shortcuts

When you spend 99% of your time on the terminal, it's nice not to have to use the mouse... _at all_. And this is quite close.

OS X has a feature called "Full Keyboard Access", that needs to be enabled before the following will work.

Ctrl-F1 Enable/Disable Full Keyboard Access
Ctrl-F2 Access Menubar
Ctrl-F2 Access Dock
Ctrl-F7 Navigate controls in current dialog

More full-access shortcuts at the Apple Support Page.


  1. My fav. OS X shortcut is that the Terminal program has a command "open" which lets you simulate double-clicking on a file. I have an alias "here" which is "open ." which opens a GUI window to the current directory.

    The reverse is sort of possible. If you drag an icon into the Terminal it pastes the entire path to that file. You can also COPY an icon, and paste it to the Terminal to get the pass to that file to appear.

    (Those aren't technically "keyboard shortcuts" but they save me a lot of typing._

  2. Doc access is actually Ctrl-F3 just to let you know.

  3. LOL kenny !

    This shortbuts are awesome ! thanks =)