Thursday, December 24, 2009

Google Chrome Poster from Source Code

This holiday weekend, I decided to compose the Google Chrome logo using the browser's own source code. I used a combination of Ruby, ImageMagick, and a heavily hacked PDF library to generate this poster.

This is the icon that I used:

Here's what it looks like zoomed in:

And zoomed in some more:

Download the PDF in all it's vectorized glory. (Approx 1.5MB. Please don't link directly to the poster.)

Take it to your favourite print shop. Since it is based on vector graphics, it can be scaled up trivially without losing quality.

Happy Holidays!

P.S. If you ask me nicely, I might send you a 24-page letter-sized split of the poster so you can print it at home. (At nearly 50MB, it's too big for me to host here.)


  1. I wouldn't mind hosting the 50 meg PDF for you for a little while. I'm not 100% sure how long it will last, but I'd be happy to help while I can.

  2. Bittorrent the 50 meg pdf.

  3. Anyone to describe how you did the poster in a little more depth? I'm interested in doing this for other projects.

  4. Cool stuff!

    For anyone wanting to print a 24-page (or whatever fits your needs) version, the Rasterbator is your friend.

  5. very cool, could you make one also with Firefox? :)

  6. Somebody should make an open source project around this.

    inputs : source code, icon
    output : poster

  7. Wow this is cool. I've never really played with graphics but should. Nice job.

  8. Ironically this killed my chrome's internal PDF renderer.

  9. Hey just found this post. Would you mind posting the source code (of the poster generator).
    I would like to do something similar for a project of mine.