Sunday, February 28, 2010

Meditation Timer

For a while now, I've been relying on audio files for use as meditation timers. These files essentially consist of a recorded bell in the beginning, followed by a duration of silence, and another bell at the end. There are many of these available on the web, and are not bad. The problem is that you're limited to the duration of the files available, i.e., if you want to meditate for 45 minutes, then you need a 45-minute long audio file.

Mildly frustrated by this, I spent some time this morning writing an on-line meditation timer. Simply set the duration, and click Start. You should hear a bell when the timer begins and ends.

Here it is: Online Meditation Timer.

Using Google App Engine and JQuery, it took me about 45 minutes to build this. That includes the time it took to prettify the site and type in this blog post. Gotta love simple, well-designed application frameworks!


  1. cool! this look better than the other ones i use. Where did u get the bell sound?

  2. Oh great link! I had that same problem with being limited by the file times, thanks for posting!