Wednesday, January 09, 2013

New in VexFlow!

It's been a year since I've posted anything, so how about some news?

Lots of new features in VexFlow and VexTab.

My VexFlow

We launched My VexFlow, a content publishing platform for musicians based on VexFlow. The platform allows musicians, music teachers, students to create, publish, and share content with beautiful music notation, tablature, chord charts, diagrams, etc.

Here are some strawmen that I created to show what My VexFlow can do:

You can also embed content from My VexFlow into your own sites and blogs, just like you would a YouTube video.

Here's an example.

The above notation was created on My VexFlow, and embedded into this blog post.

A New VexTab

VexTab was overhauled once again, this time rewritten in CoffeScript and Jison. The code is much cleaner, more flexible, and more manageable.

The new VexTab is no longer just for guitarists -- it's got note/octave syntax in addition to the fret/string syntax. It also supports almost all VexFlow features, such as tuplets, rests, articulations, score symbols and modifiers, etc.

It's also moved to its own repository:

Guitar and Bass Fretboards

My VexFlow has support for guitar fretboards, which you can customize and use for descriptive diagrams.

Slash Notation

Render chord charts with rhythmic hints using slash notation. This is also handy for some drum notation.

Lots More!

This isn't all. There are score annotations, tuplets, stave annotations, etc. etc. See the complete list at: New in My VexFlow.

Experiment and enjoy!


  1. Awesome!. I had actually planned on building something like this based off vexflow, but you have gone an outdid yourself! :)

  2. Hi, oxfe!
    I'm interesting in your project but I have a trouble:
    + I am creating a karaoke app with lyrics and notes. I have a song, I want to display each tab by timer of the song. How can I get the start time and end time of each notes.

  3. Hi mohit !

    Is there any way to display fretboards without going through creating them on myvexflow ?
    I'd like to work on a tool to help learning the scales and notes on the fretboard but I'm looking to do it in js, thus allowing the user to play with it. I wouldn't be able to do that with myvexflow, and I can't find the documentation about this.

    Thank you for you great work !

  4. I'm working at digitizing my self-developed, long-taught music theory curriculum - any chance you could add code for a note head (just the dot) that has no value?

  5. (2nd try) I'm developing a design for an oline bass viol book. vexFlow looks good but I have problems about details and also I need to know about fees. Does this route reach you? Is the project still alive?